Macrocosmic Symmetry

On Modeling the Macrocosmic Structure of State Space

Gevin Giorbran
February 5, 2001


This modeling of state space is derived from a specific comprehension of order, a model improved over the concepts developed by Boltzmann in his interpretation of entropy. This approach is unique in that it identifies three radical extremes of possibility instead of the previous single extreme of high order, as well as extreme states of contrast adjacent a density gradient, therein accomplishing a definitive model meant to express the macrocosmic structure of all states. The initial addition to aggregate state space is an absolute flat space.

I: On temporal and spatial boundaries; radical extremes of gravity, space, and time can be included in any conceptual understanding of all possible states to establish a boundary system and thus a definite model of states infinite between radical polar extremes.

II: Defining the Two Opposing Types of Order.

III: On the problem of timelessness, four dimensional space, convergence
toward absolute flat space, positive and negative volume, and the unified state.


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